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Endeavor seeks to inspire and enable our community to pursue massive global impact through a monthly speaker series and breakout sessions.

Maximize Our Potential

World leaders are commonly deemed "superhuman." We hope to highlight the mortal nature of our speakers in order to plant a simple and powerful idea:
If they could, maybe I can too.

Expand Our Conceptions

We aim to inspire many more of us to actively imagine what the future will look like, and how our community may maximize its ability to bring humanity closer to such idealistic conceptions.

Faciliate Creative Insight

Bringing thousands of individuals together from all corners of campus naturally breeds cross-disciplinary ideation. We utilize post-event breakout sessions to direct this excess energy into concrete results.


We hope to differentiate ourselves to be more than just a speaker series through the concrete action which takes place at our post-speaker events.

Speaker Series

Our world leaders will share with students their immense contributions to this field, their grand visions for the future, and what students may do to advance those fields.

Breakout Sessions

After the main presentation, we will moderate interest-based breakout sessions for students to discuss how they may be leaders of progress within their fields.

MIT Partnerships

As we bring together enthusiastic students from various fields, we use partnerships with relevant student clubs to channel this abstract enthusiasm into concrete action.

Upcoming Speakers

Meet those who endeavor to change the future.

  • February 24th

    Michael Seibel & Jared Friedman

    Michael Siebel is the president of startup accelerator Y Combinator.

    Jared Friedman is a partner at Y Cominbator and was the co-founder of Scribd, a digital library and document-sharing platform.

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Previous Speakers

At MIT, we will only be able to reach a few thousand. By sharing our talks with you, we hope to reach a few million.

Michael Siebel + Jared Friedman

Partners @ Y Combinator

Drew Houston

Founder & CEO of Dropbox

Our Team

Meet the team that works tirelessly to make Endeavor a reality.

Mina Fahmi


Andrew Xia


Ihssan Tinawi

Event Manager

Moin Nadeem

Marketing Manager

Neena Dugar

Day-of Event Coordinator

Hannah Field

Speaker Liason

Julia Castiglia

Logistics Organizer

Andrew Xia

Audiovisual Producer

Hannah Field

Social Media Coordinator

Jeba Sania

Event Reporter

We're always looking for new talent to help expand Endeavor's reach!
If interested, please email endeavors@mit.edu.

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